Meet the Designers


    Elizabeth Pritscher-Lewis

    Elizabeth Pritscher-Lewis has always appreciated an inviting, warm, clutter free home. She grew up in Chicago and attended Arizona State University. In pursuit of more culture, she spent her senior year in London, England and Florence, Italy studying Art History and Fashion.

    Upon graduation, Elizabeth moved out to Los Angeles where she worked in the entertainment business as a TV producer. She loves telling stories whether it is through a show, furnishings, art, or fashion. After having her second child, Elizabeth moved to La Jolla, California with her husband. When looking to buy their San Diego home, she decided to get her real estate license.

    “Ever since I was a child, I’ve walked into homes and immediately started editing the furnishings. In my head, I would be moving furniture, de-cluttering, repainting, and changing the flow in an effort to accentuate the homes strengths, and build up areas to smooth out its weaknesses.” Elizabeth enjoys helping people and felt Real Estate would allow her to help people find more than just a house but find a place they could make a home.

    “I quickly learned not many buyers have the vision to see a home’s true potential. When looking at homes on the market, I constantly wished more owners would stage their homes. However, when staging it’s so important the homes don’t scream I’M STAGED. You have to create a warm, uncluttered place where someone wants to spend time and would love to live.”

    Elizabeth decided working to enhance the living spaces of homes was her true calling. “Staging and designing homes is like telling a story. You make the home shine and allow buyers to visualize how to live in the space. You create spaces people want to be in.”

    The homes created by Elizabeth J. will not feel staged and sterile but designed and warm with a sensible flow. The homes will be furnished with high end pieces and thrift stores finds. Every piece brought into the home will have character and a place.

  • Jule Eberlin

    Jule Eberlin has worked in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design since 1988 while a student at California State University Long Beach. Born in Denver, Colorado, Jule knew as a child that design was in her blood; her father is a commercial designer and her mother is a children's book writer and an award-winning artist.

    While in college Jule relished in drafting, renderings, art, and music. She interned for model home designers and government architects to learn and grow in her field. These designers and architects Jule worked for saw her individualism, and constantly pushed her for more. When a neighbor in Newport Beach, asked if she would draft and create a second story oasis for their home, she did not hesitate. Jule was still in college and the scope of the project was beyond anything she had previously done. The home owners, designers and architects she had been working with were awed by her work. It was this project that inspired Jule started her own architectural design company, JW Architectural.

    “I feel the most important thing is to every day be surrounded by your loved ones in your very own personal retreat that you call home!"

    Now her children have grown and she is bursting with the passion to create again. Jule truly enjoys seeing the WOW factor from the client when they walk in the door of spaces she designed.

    “Our goal for Elizabeth J. is to walk in a room being surrounded by luxury and sophistication - that feeling of WOW!”